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  • Guess the highest temperature you think The World’s Tallest Thermometer will reach in 2017. Become our Friend on Facebook Friend Page to enter your prediction 

Today's High Temperature:

  • According to The World's Tallest Thermometer, todays (July 10th) high temperature was: 113 Degrees!  Did you know that TODAY is the 104th anniversary of the Worlds Hottest Day? 134 degrees on July 10, 1913 in Death Valley California
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Gateway to Death Valley​

134 Feet Tall, Towering over the Mojave Desert Floor!

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  • OCTOBER 21, 2017 THIRD Annual Thermometer Days Event Car Show and Poker Run begin at NOON. See Thermometer Tab for info
  • November 24th and 25th District 37 LAB2V Motorcycle Event